WordPress How to Add Page to Menu (Easy)

Creating and managing a WordPress website involves various steps. One critical task is adding a page to your menu. This is important to help your visitors easily navigate and find the content they are searching for on your website. This beginner-friendly tutorial will guide you through the steps to add a page to your WordPress menu.

Getting Started

Before proceeding, you need to ensure that you have a WordPress website set up, and you’ve already created a page that you wish to add to your menu.

  1. Login to your WordPress account: This leads you to the WordPress admin dashboard, the control panel of your website.

  2. Head over to the pages section: On the left side of your dashboard, you will see several options. Click on ‘Pages’ to see all the pages you have created.

Adding a Page to the Menu

Provided that you’ve created the pages that you need, let’s move on to adding these to your site’s menu.

  1. Navigate to the menus: To do this, go to ‘Appearance’, and then click on ‘Menus’. This will bring up the ‘Edit Menus’ screen.

  2. Select the Menu: If you have one menu, it will automatically be selected. If you have multiple menus, ensure to select the correct one from the dropdown list at the top of the page.

  3. Add a page to the menu: On the left side of the ‘Edit Menus’ screen, there’s a box titled ‘Pages’ with a list of the pages on your site. Here, choose the page you want to add by checking the box next to it, then click ‘Add to Menu’.

  4. Change the order of the menu items: By default, the new page will be added to the bottom of the menu. If you want to change the order, simply drag and drop the menu item to your desired position.

  5. Save your changes: Don’t forget to click ‘Save Menu’ on the right side of the screen!

Customizing Your Menu Further

Beyond adding pages to your menu, WordPress allows for more detailed customization of your site’s navigation.

Creating a Custom Link in the Menu: Instead of a page, you could add a custom link to the menu. This could link to another website, a file, or a section within a page. This is easily done by heading to the same ‘Edit Menus’ screen, clicking on ‘Custom Links’, adding your URL and link text, and then clicking ‘Add to Menu’.

Creating Dropdown Menus: Dropdown menus, or submenus, can be created by simply dragging a menu item so that it’s ‘nested’ beneath a top-level item.

Creating a new Menu: If your theme supports multiple menus, you can create a new one by clicking the ‘create a new menu’ link, entering a name for your new menu and clicking ‘Create Menu’.


Adding a page to a WordPress menu might seem like a challenging task at first, especially for beginners. However, once you understand the process, it´s an easy and straightforward task. Just remember to arrange and customize your menus in such a way that aids easy navigation of your site. Further customization can be achieved by exploring additional WordPress features or using different WordPress plugins.

Every site is unique, and you may face issues or have queries that this guide doesn’t address. In that case, always refer to the WordPress Support Forums, and remember: there’s a vast community of WordPress users out there, ready to help out!

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