How to Upload HTML Files to WordPress (Easy)

To upload HTML files to WordPress, you need to use some tools and follow simple steps. Here’s a comprehensive guide that takes you through the entire process in a detailed manner.

Step 1: Backup Your Site

Before making any major changes to your website, it’s always good practice to backup your WordPress site. This way, you can save your website’s current state and revert back if something goes wrong. Many plugins are available that can help you perform this task, such as UpdraftPlus and BackupBuddy.

Step 2: Choose the Appropriate Method

Depending on the level of integration you want between your HTML files and your WordPress site, you can choose between two main methods.

  • Method 1: This involves inserting your HTML code into the WordPress editor.
  • Method 2: This is about uploading your HTML file to your WordPress site’s server.

Method 1: Inserting HTML Code into the Editor

This is the easiest method to upload HTML files into WordPress. However, it works best for small snippets of HTML and not entire pages.

Step 1

Open the WordPress post or page where you want to add the HTML. If you’re writing a new post, click on the “+” symbol to add a new block, and search for “HTML“.

Step 2

Once you insert the block, paste your HTML code into it.

Important: Don’t exit the editor without clicking ‘Update‘ or ‘Publish‘ to save your changes.

Method 2: Uploading HTML File to Your WordPress

This is the best method for uploading entire HTML files.

Step 1: Download an FTP Client

Download and install an FTP client like FileZilla. After installation, enter your FTP credentials, which you can get from your web hosting provider.

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Public_html’ Directory

Open your FTP client and connect to your website using your login credentials. Once connected, navigate to the ‘public_html‘ directory.

Step 3: Upload the HTML File

In the ‘public_html‘ directory, find the ‘wp-content‘ folder and open it. Inside ‘wp-content‘, open the ‘uploads‘ folder. This is the folder where you can upload your HTML files.

With your HTML files uploaded, you now have to create a URL that points to these files.

Step 3: Creating a URL to the HTML Files

It’s a straightforward process and all you need is to follow the format

You will replace ‘‘ with your website’s actual URL and ‘filename.html‘ with your uploaded HTML file’s name. ‘Year‘ and ‘month‘ correspond to the time of your upload.

Step 4: Test the URL

To ensure that your file was correctly uploaded, visit the URL you created in the previous step. If everything’s done correctly, the HTML file should be visible.

By following this guide, you can uncomplicatedly integrate your HTML files into your WordPress site. Always remember to adjust URLs to fit your specific uploads and keep your website backed up just in case. Good luck!

Hopefully, this guide helps you smoothly add HTML files to WordPress. For other related queries and WordPress tasks, have a wander through our other WordPress guides.

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