How to Publish WordPress Site (Quick)

Building, designing and finally making your WordPress website live can be an exciting and rewarding journey. This guide will provide a step-by-step approach on how to publish a WordPress site, with additional tips, resources and recommended plugins.

Step 1: Choosing a Domain Name and Hosting Service

Before you can publish your site, you need a domain name (your website’s address) and a hosting service (where your website lives on the internet). Some recommended hosting services include Bluehost, SiteGround, and DreamHost.

Step 2: Install WordPress

Most hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installation which makes this process easier. Check your hosting service’s documentation for specific instructions.

Step 3: Choose a WordPress Theme

WordPress themes control your site’s appearance and layout. You can find free and premium themes at WordPress theme directory.

Step 4: Customize Your Site

This stage involves customizing your theme, creating pages, adding posts, and integrating features. Remember to save your work regularly to avoid losing it.

Step 5: Install Essential Plugins

To extend the functionality of your WordPress site, you’ll likely need plugins. Some suggested ones include Yoast SEO, UpdraftPlus, and WP Super Cache.

Step 6: Set Up Permalinks

Permalinks are the URLs to your site’s pages and posts. They’re critical for SEO and usability. Go to Settings > Permalinks to configure them.

Step 7: Configure Settings and Test Site

Under the General Settings, fill in your site name, tagline, language, and other details. Ensure every link, button, and form works correctly before publishing.

Step 8: Publish Your WordPress Site

Once you’re satisfied with your site, it’s time to make your website live. Simply go to your dashboard, find the ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘Maintenance Mode’ page and turn it off.

Post-publishing Tips

  1. Regularly update your WordPress themes, plugins, and core.
  2. Use plugins like Google Analytics for WordPress to track your site’s performance.
  3. Create backups often (UpdraftPlus can automate this).

Publishing your WordPress site can seem daunting, but with this guide and WordPress’ intuitive interface, you’ll be set to expose your ideas, products, or services to the world in no time!

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